Outgoing Committee Members

22 Nov

Cambridge Football Club executive committee would like to show appreciation and gratitude towards two fellow club members Josh Easby & Steve Thomas who have stepped down at the end of this 2021 season.

These former executive committee members and as of 2020, life members, deserve many thanks for their tireless effort & hard work they have contributed to our club throughout the years.

Josh Easby has been a long serving club member & has built many foundations for this club, to push the overall growth of it. First joining the club in 2006, Josh built our media & marketing up, helped us with funding and grants, stepped up as our secretary for many years & contributed significantly to the overall success of the Cambridge Football Club. We are so grateful for your dedication Josh & all of the hours you have poured into this club, the players & the community.

Steve Thomas was a brilliant coach, club member & former executive committee member who joined us in 2005. Steve was once the chairman of the Cambridge Football Club for a number of years & part of our football specific sub-committee. He also dedicated lots of hours & effort into this club. Alongside this, Steve was the coach of the Champs’ team which had many successful seasons throughout the years.

We thank you both for your years of contribution towards Cambridge Football Club & we wish you all the best going forwards.

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