Five A Side Rules

Five-A-Side Rules of Play  The intention of these rules is to provide clarification of rules that may differ for Five-A-Side football from normal 11a-side football.

If any aspect of the rules of the game is not mentioned here, or in doubt, then  normal 11-a-side rules. 

5 second rule  All free-kicks, kick-ins etc. must be taken within 5 seconds of the player having possession of the ball to take the kick (in order to keep the game flowing). SANCTION:  if longer than 5 seconds the kick goes to the other team. 

Distance at free-kicks, kick-ins etc.  Opposition players to stand at least 5 metres from the kicker.

Duration of game  Two halves of 10 minutes each with 2 minute interval between.  Hooter sounded for start of game and; full-time (a total of 22 minutes) 

Free-kicks,  As for regular football except:  1. When taking a kick, the opposing players must be at least 5 metres away. 2. When awarding an indirect free kick in the penalty box, it will be taken from the 5 metre arc nearest to where the infringement took place. 

Games not started on time  If a team is not on the pitch ready to start within two minutes of the hooter, then they will have defaulted the match.  Games started late must still finish when the hooter sounds. 

Goalkeeper- clearances  If the ball is in the goalkeeper’s hands the ball may be thrown underarm back into play.  Drop kicks are not allowed.  When the goalkeeper throws the ball it must touch the ground (or touch another player) in the team’s own half. SANCTION if the ball goes beyond the halfway line without bouncing: INDIRECT free-kick to other team from the half way line.   

Goalkeeper – handling the ball  Only within the penalty area 

Goalkeeper – pass backs  A goalkeeper not allowed to pick up the ball from a deliberate pass back from a team-mate (e.g. from normal play, kick-in or free-kick). SANCTION - INDIRECT free kick from edge of penalty semi-circle nearest where offence occurred. 

Goalkeeper – substitutions only at half-time or during a stoppage in play 

Goal kick  Instead of taking a goal kick, the goalkeeper is to throw the ball into play. 

Goal scoring allowed?  DIRECT FROM:-  Corner Kick:  Yes Kick-in from sideline:  No  Inside Penalty Area:  No Kick-off: No  Goal Kick:  No

Under arm roll in replaces throw-in for when ball goes out of play at the sideline, this includes corners  Must be taken within 5 seconds. Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.

Number of players The match shall be played by two teams, each consisting of not more than FIVE players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper, wearing a different colour jersey or a bib.  rolling subs per game, these can be rotated as many times as you want.

Offside Does not apply. Penalty Area A semi-circle in front of the goal (approximately 6m). Only the goal keeper is allowed in the penalty area

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