Cambridge Football's Corporate Social Responsibility Plan!

18 Feb

Cambridge Football Club recognizes the important part we have in allowing people in our community to play sport.

As part of our Social Responsibility Policy our club can assist with the payment of player subscriptions. We recognize that there are some individuals and families who would like to play football but may not have the means to pay the subscriptions. If you are in this situation, please contact someone in the committee for the link and complete the application form.

Your application is confidential and is open to junior, youth, and senior women’s and men’s players. Applications are assessed and applicants are notified if they have been successful. We genuinely welcome you to apply as we know the good that playing football brings to everyone, both mentally & physically for all ages.

The club also welcomes donations to our fund. Think about the enjoyment that your donation will bring someone who wasn’t going to play in 2022. When you pay your subscriptions there is the option to donate to our fund. As well as this, our registrations are now open!

Check out the link to register here:

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